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Handcrafted Rhetorics at #4C19 in Pittsburgh

1:30 – 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, 3/13, at Contemporary Craft


HASHTAGS: #4C19 & #AW02

This year’s workshop is again venturing out into our host city! We are very proud to be teaming up with Dr. Melissa Rogers, a local educator and artist who works with Pittsburgh arts organizations and nonprofits, and the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse (PCCR) at Contemporary Craft, located about a mile from the conference enter:

This dynamic off-site experience will engage with quirky recycled materials provided by PCCR as we collaborate on an unbridled, multimodal, and public project addressing some of the inequalities perpetuated by the neoliberalization of the arts and humanities in Pittsburgh and beyond.

We will begin by exploring the current exhibit at Contemporary Craft (which is based on found materials), hear about the important work these organizations do in Pittsburgh, conceive and develop our project (guided by this zine), and (hopefully, if you’re so inclined) continue the conversation afterward at our reserved table at Smallman Galley, one of two DIY food incubators in Pittsburgh. It promises to be a memorable afternoon!

And whether or not you can swing the workshop, please plan to join us at the first Handcrafted Rhetorics SIG meeting on Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30pm!